Pre-natal/Postpartum Pilates

have you been having a hard time deciding how to stay in shape before, during and after your pregnancy?

Pilates coupled with a cardiovascular activity is an ideal way to reach your goals. The body goes through incredible, exciting and unfamiliar changes with pregnancy. While you may feel “out of control” with the physical changes during or after pregnancy, there is a safe and effective approach to fitness through Pilates. The dramatic influence of water weight, baby weight, maternal fat stores and increased blood volume can make any pregnant woman feel bloated, tired, and just not like yourself. As the baby demands attention from all systems in the body, it is easy to feel as if your body is not your own.

PregnancyBW-pageThe key to a successful pregnancy and postpartum recovery is balance–both mental and physical. While it may seem counter-intuitive, it is important to maintain some measure of core strength to support your growing belly. One of the most common complaints during pregnancy is back pain. By creating a natural support for the belly with strong core muscles, pregnancy, delivery, and postpartum recovery can be made easier and back pain can be significantly reduced.

Many women find Pilates to be on of the most effective exercise regimes to do both during and after their pregnancy. One important benefit of Pilates for pregnancy is that Pilates is great for building core strength so that you can keep the alignment of your body in check. If your abdominals, back and pelvic floor/Kegal muscles are toned and you are able to stand, sit and function in your most anatomically efficient posture, your body will support you through a more comfortable pregnancy and delivery.

Pilates is also famous for helping new moms get their figures back after the baby is born!

hayley can offer you pre-natal or postpartum private sessions or group classes.

Private sessions are tailored to meet your individual needs. If you have a few friends you’d like to work with, group sessions, work as a circuit, thus utilizing all of the Classical equipment, including two traditional Reformers, a Cadillac, a Guillotine, a High/Low Chair combo, a Ladder Barrel, 2 Spine Correctors and 2 Mats.

pre-natal sessions:

Pilates is great during a pregnancy as it is very adaptable. Most Pilates exercises can be modified as your body and abilities change. The modifications can help you keep the intent of the exercise, but adjust the form to work for your changing body.

post partum sessions:

A lot of moms experience that their abdominals are just not shaping up the same way as they were before the baby was born. There are spots that feel “numb” or are just not responding. The primary goal is to reconnect to the walls of the abdominal muscles that were stretched throughout the pregnancy and train these muscles to work by pulling in and up, not by pushing out.